In Spain, the medical system is divided into public and private sectors. In both cases, medical care is carried out by high-level professionals who use modern equipment and technologies. The difference between private medicine is the speed of service, without long queueing and  waiting time for the day of consultation with a specialist or a diagnostic test. Therefore, private medicine in Spain is in great demand.

But do the Spaniards need to pay out of their pockets for each visit to the doctor about 100-150 €? Or for a blood test about 100-200 €? Not to mention about expensive operations and treatment of oncological diseases?

Of course not, the majority of the population has private medical insurance, whose average rate is € 50-70 per person per month.
Private health insurance in Spain is very complete:
– It gives access to a large number of hospitals throughout Spain (in Sanitas there are more than 1200 medical centers throughout Spain and more than 40,000 medical specialists)
– It covers all the necessary medical services:
          • Consultations with specialists
          • Diagnosis
          • Outpatient and hospitalization surgeries
          • Delivery
          • Some dental services
– The possibility of visiting any doctor and medical center in Spain, with the replacement of the costs spent
– Doctor consultations by phone
– Medical attention in case of emergency in a trip
              We present insurance packages from Sanitas, one of the leaders in the field of health insurance. Founded in 1954, the company has accumulated great experience in satisfying the needs of its customers by offering discount rate policies to international students (insurence for their short staying in Spain), entrepreneurs and corporate clients. The company is not a limited company, therefore, all profits are destined to the internal development of the company and to the medical services of its own medical centers.
          Sanitas is one of the bigest insurance companies that specializes in health insurance.